How to sew a Pajama Trousers (step by step with PDF pattern)


How to sew a Pajama Trousers

How do you make simple Pyjama pants?

These trousers are like secret pyjamas! You are wearing normal daytime clothes but they feel so comfy, just as if you’re in your PJs.

These drawstring trousers are a very easy and capacious pair of pants – with numerous pockets, of course. I prefer to go for the elasticated option with the additional drawstring to add a bit of detail, but the choice is yours.

That’s the wonderful thing about making your own clothes: making something to your own specifications and fabric choice is incredibly rewarding. When you’re asked where you got ‘such and such’ and you reply, ‘This? Oh, I made it myself’, you can pop that warm and fuzzy feeling in the Happiness Jar and save it for later.

How to Fabric Choices Pyjama pants?

This style an be made in a whole range of fabrics. Here I’ve used a linen and cotton mix check, but a soft needlecord would also be lovely for the cooler months see (Everything You Need To Know About The Fabrics)


  • 1.5–2m (15/8–21/4yd) medium-weight woven fabric, 150cm (60in) wide
  • 10–20cm (4–8in) contrasting fabric for inside the waistband (optional)
  • Scrap of interfacing (optional)
  • Matching thread
  • 2–2.5m (21/4–23/4yd) twill tape, 1cm (3/8in) wide
  • Basic sewing kit


  • A Front – cut 2
  • B Back – cut 2
  • C Waistband – cut 2 on the fold
  • D Pocket – cut 4

Get Your Pattern Now!! Woven Tee - PDF sewing pattern

How to Sew Pajama Pants?

1   Cut out the pattern pieces, following the lay plans.

2   Transfer the pattern markings to your fabric.

3   If you are going to use a drawstring, apply a small square of interfacing to the waistband just under the markings for the buttonholes . This will support the fabric when you cut it to create the buttonholes.


4   Place the trouser fronts right sides together, then pin and sew along the front crotch seam. Neaten the seam allowances together and press to one side . Repeat with the back pieces.

How to sew a Pajama Trousers


5   Neaten the top edges of the pockets. Fold over the tops of the pockets along the fold line so that the right sides are together. Taking a 1cm (3/8in) seam allowance, sew across the short ends to create a facing. Turn the pocket facing right side out and winkle out the corners.

6   Press under the sides of the pocket and across the bottom. Mitre the corners. Topstitch across the top of the pocket to keep the facing in place.

7   Position the pockets on the trouser fronts and backs along the placement lines. Starting at the bottom of the pocket facing, topstitch in place, pivoting at the corners, until you get to the top edge. Pivot at the corner and sew three stitches across the top, then pivot again and sew a parallel line all the way around the pocket inside the first row. Pivot again at the top and sew across three stitches. Pivot and sew down the pocket to join up to where you started.
How to sew a Pajama Trousers


8   Place the trouser front and back right sides together. Pin and sew down the side seams. Pin and sew down the inside leg seams. Neaten the seam allowances together and press towards the front.

How to sew a Pajama Trousers


9   Sew a pair of buttonholes on the outer waistband in the marked positions and carefully cut them open (a). Fold the outer waistband in half lengthways, right sides together, and sew across the short sides to form a circle. Press the seam open (b). Repeat for the inner waistband, omitting the buttonholes.

10 Place the two waistbands right sides together, matching the seams, then pin and sew around the top edge (a). Trim the seam allowance down by half and press it open (b).

11 Fold the waistband so that it’s the right way around, with the inner fabric on the inside of the circle. Edge stitch around the top of the waistband though all layer. This will help to prevent the elastic from twisting as you wear the trousers.

Omit the next two steps if you just want a drawstring.

12 Measure the elastic around your waist so it fits comfortably, allowing for a 2cm (3/4in) overlap. Cut the elastic to size, then overlap the ends and sew a square to hold the two ends together. Make sure you don’t twist it.

13 Tuck the elastic inside the waistband and pin the raw edges together to hold the elastic in place. You will need to shuffle the fabric of the waistband around to do this. Gently stretch the elastic to allow the fabric of the waistband to sit flat.

How to sew a Pajama Trousers

14 Turn the trousers inside out and lower the waistband into the trousers so that the raw edges line up, matching up the centre front and back seams with the notches and balance marks. Pin and sew in place. Neaten the seam allowances together.

15 Press up a 1cm (3/8in) hem, followed by a 1.5cm (5/8in) hem on the trouser legs. Topstitch in place.

16 Push a safety pin through the end of the twill tape and thread it through the buttonholes and all the way through the drawstring channel in the waistband. You can either hem the ends of the tape or just tie a knot.

How to sew a Pajama Trousers

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