How to sew a Very Easy Palazzo Pants (step by step with PDF pattern)

How to sew a Very Easy Palazzo Pants (step by step with PDF pattern)

These palazzo pants are a complete indulgence and totally fulfill my dream of wafting my way elegantly through the warm, lazy days of summer. Incredibly comfortable and easy to wear, they sit just that little bit higher on your waist to enable you to team them with a camisole or a shirred summer top. With wide trousers it’s all about proportion, so they need to be paired with a more fitted or nipped-in shape on top.

These trousers have a proper fly, although this is a quick and nifty way of inserting it. I rather like these slightly more technical processes: I can switch off and completely immerse myself in what I’m doing, following each step and seeing the progress I’m making.

There is something decidedly decadent about really wide trousers. These are reminiscent of 1930s resort wear and I always think of Katherine Hepburn or Coco Chanel when wearing mine. Oh, to be as glamorous as they were..! I’ll just have to sit on my steamer chair sipping a Long Island iced tea and imagine.

Fabric Choices

Palazzo pants need a fabric that will show off the grace and movement of the garment, so something like a soft linen or a viscose crepe would be ideal. see (Everything You Need To Know About Fabrics)

Depending on how extrovert you want to be, a beautifully bright colour would be stunning – but there is enough fabric to really carry a bold print, too.

How much cloth do you need to sew a Palazzo?

  • 2.5m (23/4yd) light- to medium-weight woven fabric, 15cm (6in) wide
  • 1m (1yd) lightweight iron-on interfacing
  • 20-cm (8-in) zip
  • Button, approx. 1.5–2cm (5/8–3/4in) in diameter
  • Matching thread
  • Basic sewing kit

Get Your Pattern Now!! Woven Tee - PDF sewing pattern

How do you make a Palazzo Pants?

1   Cut out the pattern pieces, following the lay plan.

2   Transfer the pattern markings to your fabric (see General Sewing Techniques: Transferring pattern markings), paying special attention to the markings for the pleats.

3   Apply interfacing to the waistband (see General Sewing Techniques: Interfacing).

4   With right sides together, sew the trouser backs together along the back crotch. Neaten the seam allowances together and press to one side.
How do you make a Palazzo Pants?


The fly extension is the curved section at the centre front of the two front pieces. The fly facing is a separate piece that prevents the zip from being visible when the pants are worn.

5   With right sides together, machine baste the fronts together from the waist to the large dot. Change the stitch length back to normal, sew a few reverse stitches and then sew the rest of the front crotch seam.

6   On the right-hand side of the fly extension, snip into the seam allowance just beneath the curve. Press open the machine-basted fly opening on the front and press the crotch seam to the left. Neaten the left-hand side of the fly extension and neaten both sides of the crotch seam allowance together.

7   Fold the right-hand side of the pants under to leave the unfinished side of the fly extension on its own. Lay the zip right side down along the right side of the centre front, so that the zip teeth are about 6mm (1/4in) from the seam itself and the zip stopper is 1.5cm (5/8in) below the large dot. If the zip is too long and hangs over the top edge, that’s fine as you can trim it back later on. Pin the zip to the fly extension only. Using a zip foot, sew along the right zip tape to hold the zip in place.

8   Fold the zip underneath the fly extension so that the fabric of the fly extension sits close to the zip teeth. Topstitch along the zip close to the zip teeth.

9   Open out the pants and let the right side of the fly extension, with the zip attached, flop over onto the left side. Fold the left side of the pants under so that the left side of the fly extension is on its own. Fold up the left end of the zip tape. Pin and sew along the zip tape close to the zip teeth. Sew a second row of stitching close to the edge of the zip tape.

How do you make a Palazzo Pants?

10 Open the pants out flat, with the right side uppermost. Referring to the pattern, mark on the line for the fly topstitching. Following the marked line and using a normal foot, sew from the waist down and stop exactly on the large dot. Open up the basting stitches on the centre front and sew a small bar of satin stitch at the base of the zip on the large dot.

11 From the wrong side of the pants, trim back the excess fabric on the right side of the fly extension by about 1cm (3/8in).

12 Fold the fly facing in half, wrong sides together. Sew around the curved edge and neaten or overlock (serge) the two layers together.

13 From the wrong side of the pants, lay the fly facing over the whole fly section, aligning it with the curved lines of the fly extension. Line up the folded edge of the fly facing with the right side of the zip. Fold the right pants out of the way so that you can pin the fly facing in place. Using a zip foot, sew through the seam allowance only.

How do you make a Palazzo Pants?

14 Secure the fly facing to the fly extension at the base and level with the large dot. Make sure you only sew through the fly pieces and do not catch in the pants.


15 Matching the notches, with right sides together, place a pocket on each side of the fronts. Sew the pockets to the fronts with a 1cm (3/8in) seam allowance. Repeat on the backs.

16 Neaten the pocket seams on the backs, starting and finishing a little away from the pocket itself. There is no need to neaten the front pocket seams, as they will be hidden by the finished pocket.
17 Press the pockets away from the pants on both the front and back and understitch the pockets to the seam allowance.

18 Place the fronts and backs right sides together. Match up the waists, pockets and hems. Sew down the side seam to the first large dot. Then sew around the pocket, pivoting at the second large dot to sew down the side seam to the hem. Finish or neaten the seam. Repeat on the other side seam.

19 Match up the front and back crotch seams and pin together. Match up the hems and the notches. Pin and sew from just behind the crotch seam, over the crotch seam and down to the hem. Repeat for the other side of the inside leg seam, so that the stitching overlaps at the crotch, and then neaten the seam allowances together.
How do you make a Palazzo Pants?


20 Fold the pleats following the pleat markings. Make sure you do this accurately, as it will affect how the waistband fits. Tack (baste) across the tops of pleats to hold them in place.

21 Neaten the long un-notched edge of the waistband. With right sides together, matching up the notches, side seams and centre front marks, pin the raw edge of the waistband to the waistline. The ends of the waistband should overhang the trousers by 1.5cm (5/8in). Pin and sew in place.

22 Press the waistband and seam allowance up away from the trousers. Trim off any excess overhang from the zip, then trim the waistband seam allowance down by half. Fold the centre front part of the waistband down on itself so the right sides are together and the neatened edge hangs past the waist seam by 1cm (3/8in). Stitch across the short edges of the waistband at the opening edges. Turn through to the right side and press flat.

23 Tack (baste) the rest of the waistband in place so that the neatened edge is 1cm (3/8in) below the waist seam. Sew around the waistband from the right side, stitching in the ditch of the waist seam.

How do you make a Palazzo Pants?

24 Centre the button on the waistband so that it sits in the middle of the fly shape. Mark where the buttonhole will sit; this will be the front end of the buttonhole. Sew the buttonhole back from this point. Attach the button so that it sits directly under the end of the buttonhole in the centre of the fly shape.

How do you make a Palazzo Pants?

25 Check the finished length of your palazzo pants and trim off any excess; leave enough fabric for a 1.5cm (5/8in) hem. Neaten the raw edge, press up the hem and topstitch it in place.

How do you make a Palazzo Pants?

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