How to Tie Dye Canvas Sneakers (with Pictures)

How to Tie Dye Canvas Sneakers

How to Tie Dye Shoes 

Every once in a while a new DIY method comes along that feels like a complete magic trick, and we gotta say, this is one of them! We know, we know— creating a tie dye design using shaving cream sounds like complete nonsense, but once you’ve tried it, you will surely feel like the Houdini of dye.

How to Tie Dye Canvas Sneakers

What you need:

  • Shaving cream
  • Tulip One-Step Tie-Dye in Pink, Violet, and Blue
  • Dye-safe container
  • Toothpick/skewer
  • White canvas sneakers
  • Painter’s tape
  • Scraper or plastic knife
  • Gloves
How to Tie Dye Shoes


  1. Prep your shoes for dyeing by removing the shoelaces and covering the soles with painter’s tape.
  2. Fill your disposable container with shaving cream, covering the entire bottom and filling it until it is about halfway full.
  3. Squirt your dye on top of the shaving cream. Using your toothpick or skewer, gently swirl the dye around in the shaving cream.
  4. Take the first shoe and press it into the shaving cream and dye mixture, laces side down. Lift the shoe from the shaving cream and press the right side of the shoe into the shaving cream. Then, lift the shoe again and press the left side until all of the shoe has been pressed into the shaving cream and dye mixture.
  5. Scrape the shaving cream off the shoes using a scraper or plastic knife. Then, let the shoes dry completely.
  6. Fill any smashed areas in the container with a fresh layer of shaving cream, then squirt in more dye and swirl with a toothpick or skewer.
  7. Repeat the process of pressing all sides of the next shoe into the shaving cream and scraping it when you are done.
  8. Let shoes dry completely and remove the tape.
  9. Wash and dry the shoes according to the dye package directions; then replace the shoelaces and wear.
How to Tie Dye Shoes

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